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Prize Bond Schedule 2024 in Pakistan

The Prize Bond Schedule For 2024 In Pakistan Has Been Announced. Prize Bonds Are Considered Safe Investments That Many People Buy In Different Amounts. This System Is Managed By National Savings, Which Works Under The State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP). It Has Been Running Smoothly For Many Years, Making It A Trusted Way To Invest Money.

prize bond schedule 2023

The Prize Bond Schedule For 2024 In Pakistan Includes Regular Lucky Draws Where Winners Receive Significant Cash Prizes. This Scheme Was Introduced By The Government To Raise Funds And Provides Individuals With A Unique Way To Safeguard Their Money Without Worrying About Its Value Decreasing.

How Prize Bond Works, and Is It Worth Buying?

Buying Prize Bonds Is Like Buying A Lottery Ticket To Win Big Prizes. But Even If You Don’t Win, You Get Back The Money You Spent On The Bond.

The Prize Bond Schedule Tells Us When The State Bank Holds Draws To Find Winners. If You Have A Winning Bond, You Can Easily Trade It In For Cash. However, If You’re Not Lucky, You Have Two Choices: Wait For The Next Draw Or Give The Bond Back To The Bank And Get Your Money Back.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 in Pakistan

The Prize Bond Schedule spans from January 01, 2024, to December 15, 2024, encompassing denominations of Rs100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, and 40000.

Bonds Draw Complete Schedule 2024

#95 1500 15 Aug, 2024 Tue Peshawar Draw Held

View Result

#43 100 15 Aug, 2024 Tue Karachi Draw Held

View Result

#26 40000 11 Sep, 2024 Mon Quetta Draw Held

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#11 25000 11 Sep, 2024 Mon Sialkot Draw Held

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#95 200 15 Sep, 2024 Fri Hyderabad Draw Held

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#96 750 16 Oct, 2024 Mon Muzaffarabad Draw Held

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#96 1500 15 Nov, 2024 Wed Faisalabad Draw Held

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#44 100 15 Nov, 2024 Wed Lahore Draw Held

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#27 40000 11 Dec, 2024 Mon Karachi Draw Held

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#12 25000 11 Dec, 2024 Mon Rawalpindi Draw Held

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#96 200 15 Dec, 2024 Fri Multan Draw Held

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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024

A financial instrument known as a prize bond, resembling a lottery, is a non-interest-bearing security issued by the Prize Bond Company Limited on behalf of the Minister for Finance. The funds generated through the sale of these bonds are utilized to reduce government debt and are repayable to bondholders upon request. Bondholders, in turn, receive returns in the form of prizes, awarded through a random selection process of bonds. The Ministry of Finance in Pakistan administers Prize Bonds under the name Premium Bonds and releases the corresponding prize bond schedule.

Prize bond schemes are actively marketed as an outstanding opportunity to attain success and wealth, allowing individuals to win substantial amounts of money that can instantly elevate their financial status.

Schedule of Prize Bonds Draw

The National Savings Pakistan has officially announced the Prize Bond Schedule for 2024. Prize Bond drawings occur quarterly and are conducted in various cities across Pakistan as per the designated Prize Bond Schedule. Available in denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, and Premium Bond, the 2024 Prize Bond Schedule, covering the period from January to December, is detailed on this page.

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As per the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024, lucky draws take place twice a month in the majority of Pakistani cities. Originally, there were 24 draws per year, but due to an increasing number of investors, the number of draws has been increased to 36 per year.

Inquiries Regarding Schedule of Prize Bonds Draw

  1. What is the Schedule for Prize Bonds for 2024?

National Savings organizes Prize Bond Draws which are held in various cities throughout Pakistan. A new draw is conducted every two weeks, totaling 36 draws per year. You can find the prize bond schedule for the bond you purchased on this page.

  1. How do I find out the Prize Bond Results?

The Prize Bond Draw Results are available in the Finance category here, presenting the serial number alongside the full winning numbers list.

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