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750 Prize Bond Draw Results Announced; Check Here

In a highly anticipated event, the Sialkot office of the National Savings Division conducted the 97th draw of the Rs750 Prize Bond on January 15, 2024.

Rs 750 prize bond

Prize bonds have long been recognized as a secure investment method in Pakistan. These bonds, essentially government-backed lotteries, are managed by the National Savings Division under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

750 Prize Bond Draw Results Announced; Check Here

The Rs750 Prize Bond draw for 2024 featured a total of 1,700 prizes, with a cumulative winning amount in the millions of rupees. The winners were categorized as follows:

First prize winner – Rs1,500,000:

The top prize, a cash reward of Rs1,500,000, was claimed by an individual whose winning bond number is 059936. This substantial prize underscores the transformative potential of investing in prize bonds.

Second prize winners – Rs500,000 each:

The second-tier rewards comprised three prizes, each valued at Rs500,000. The fortunate winners held the bond numbers 087220, 826748, and 892829. This half-a-million-rupee windfall is a testament to the attractiveness of prize bonds as a form of investment.

Third prize winners – Rs9,300 each:

The third prize category included 1,696 lucky winners, each receiving a cash prize of Rs 9,300. This generous distribution of smaller prizes reflects the widespread appeal of the Rs750 Prize Bond scheme.

To view the full list of bond results, you can visit the National Saving Pakistan website.

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The prize bond scheme, initiated by the government, serves a dual purpose: to generate funds for public initiatives and to offer individuals a secure way to safeguard their wealth without the risk of devaluation.

List of Rs 750 Prize bond Draw List 2024 – Check Result list

It has been a trusted investment avenue for generations, and today’s results demonstrate why it remains a preferred choice among savers and investors in Pakistan.

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