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President doesn’t see elections taking place in Jan

President Dr. Arif Alvi expressed his skepticism about the possibility of holding general elections in January 2024. Concerns about a potential delay in the elections beyond January have also been raised by political analysts. Many have observed that no political party appears to be in “election mode,” and there are concerns about the harsh winter weather that could disrupt the polling process. The president doesn’t see elections taking place in Jan.

President doesn’t see elections taking place in Jan

President Alvi mentioned that he had written a letter regarding elections in Punjab and KP, but no action had been taken on it. He also attempted to contact the Election Commissioner to discuss holding polls in Punjab and KP, but he did not respond. Likewise, his efforts to communicate with the law minister yielded no results.

During an interview with Geo News anchorperson Hamid Mir, President Alvi reiterated his doubts about elections occurring in January. He recalled his various efforts to facilitate the elections, including sending letters to the Election Commission and proposing a cutoff date of November 6. The president doesn’t see elections taking place in Jan.

No elections in January, says President Arif Alvi

The premature dissolution of the National Assembly on August 9 has cast uncertainty over the general elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced last month that the elections would be held in the last week of January 2024 but did not specify an exact date, leading to concerns about further delays.

President Alvi also hinted at the caretaker government’s involvement in the wave of defections from the PTI. He expressed his concerns about the caretaker government’s actions, particularly regarding people changing loyalties.

In August, the Election Commission of Pakistan issued a schedule for delimitation based on the Digital Census 2023, which had been notified by the previous PDM government just before the National Assembly’s dissolution. President Alvi emphasized the importance of free and fair elections for Pakistan’s development and called for a level playing field.

Not sure of polls in January: Alvi

He stressed the need for national unity ahead of the forthcoming elections, emphasizing that the spirit of forgiveness can help build a nation. President Alvi had previously stirred controversy in August when he claimed on a social media platform that he had not assented to controversial bills, contradicting their status as acts of parliament.

In late August, President Alvi had invited Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja to discuss setting the poll date within the 90-day constitutional deadline ending in early November. He affirmed his loyalty to PTI Chairman Imran Khan as his leader.

President Alvi casts doubt on polls in January

Regarding the PMLN narrative, President Alvi noted that people had embraced Nawaz Sharif’s message of bringing political parties and institutions together. In a survey conducted the following day, 70 percent of respondents expressed support for ending the confrontation with the PTI chairman and unifying all political parties.

After a controversial tweet, the president attempted to replace his principal secretary, Waqar Ahmed, who denied any wrongdoing. However, senior bureaucrats in the presidency refused to assume Mr. Ahmed’s position, leading to a “revolt-like situation.”

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