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President Biden Firmly Against Israeli Retaliation On Iran

President Biden Firmly Against Israeli Retaliation On Iran- President Joe Biden Has Conveyed To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu That The United States Will Not Engage In Any Retaliatory Action Against Iran If Israel Chooses To Respond To A Recent Mass Drone And Missile Assault On Its Territory, According To A White House Official.

The Looming Specter Of Outright Conflict Between These Longstanding Middle Eastern Adversaries, Potentially Entangling The United States, Has Heightened Tensions In The Region, Prompting Calls For Restraint From Global Powers And Arab Nations To Prevent Further Escalation.

Earlier Reports From U.S. Media Outlets Indicated That Biden Communicated This Stance To Netanyahu During An Overnight Phone Call, A Statement Subsequently Affirmed By A White House Official To Reuters. While Reaffirming The U.S. Commitment To Aiding Israel In Self-Defense, John Kirby.

The Principal National Security Spokesperson For The White House, Emphasized During An Interview On ABC’s “This Week” Program That The United States Is Averse To The Prospect Of War. Additionally, Senior Israeli Officials Indicated That Israel Is Not Currently Planning Retaliatory Measures And Is Not Inclined To Act Unilaterally.

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