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Struggle for Power in Center Escalates as ECP Declares Final Results

On February 8, 2024, about 60 million people in Pakistan voted to choose their leaders. They voted in 265 National Assembly and 590 Provincial Assembly areas. This was a big and tough political competition, and 45 to 50 percent of eligible voters took part.

Struggle for Power in Center Escalates as ECP Declares Final Results

The election ended without big problems, and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) officially shared the results. The results showed a divided political situation, causing disagreements and complaints among the competing parties. Some parties have even gone to court to challenge the results.

Behind the scenes, political parties are talking and making deals to win the support of independent candidates. They want to strengthen their positions to form the government at the national and provincial levels.

The new government will face many important issues, including economic problems, security concerns, and the urgent matter of climate change.

Here are the results:

National Assembly:

  • There are 266 seats in the National Assembly, and a party needs 133 seats to have the majority and form the government.
  • Results for 262 constituencies have been announced, with a voter turnout of 45.49%, and 58,284,465 votes were cast.
  • Independent candidates supported by PTI have the most seats, 101 in total.
  • PML-N has 75 seats, PPPP has 54, and MQM-P has 17.
  • Other parties like PML, JUI-P, and IPP have a few seats each, and BNP has 2 seats.

Punjab Assembly:

  • There are 297 seats in the Punjab Assembly.
  • Independent candidates have the most seats, 138 in total.
  • PML-N has 137 seats, PP has 10, and PML has 8.

Sindh Assembly:

  • There are 130 seats in the Sindh Assembly.
  • PPPP has the most seats with 84, MQM has 28, and independent candidates have 13.
  • JI has 2 seats, and there will be a re-election in PS-18.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly:

  • There are 115 seats in the KP Assembly.
  • Independent candidates have the most seats, 90 in total.
  • JUI-P has 7 seats, PML-N has 5, and PPPP has 4.
  • Results for a few constituencies are withheld, and elections for two constituencies have been postponed.

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Balochistan Assembly:

  • There are 51 seats in the Balochistan Assembly.
  • PPP and JUI (P) have the most seats with 11 each, followed by PML-N with 6.

The coming days are important as political discussions get more intense, and the nation eagerly waits for a solution to the issues after the election.

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