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Power Companies Acknowledge Overcharging Customers for Electricity

Discover how electricity distribution companies confess to overbilling citizens, citing reasons such as natural events and technical issues. Explore the implications of their admission in this revealing insight.

Power Companies Acknowledge Overcharging Customers for Electricity

Electricity companies have said they charged people too much for their power, but they say it’s because of natural events, human mistakes, and technical problems. This comes after a study by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) found big differences in how meters were read, bills were made, and problems were fixed by all electricity companies.

The companies agree with NEPRA that the amount they charged people for fixing mistakes is right. However, they say NEPRA’s study is not accurate because it has wrong data, a bad way of figuring things out, and doesn’t match what’s really happening.

The electricity companies also question NEPRA’s idea that meter readings should always be less than 30 days, as mentioned in the service manual. They say this can’t be true for months with 31 days and might go over 34 days because of holidays, weekends, or other reasons.

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They also mentioned that some reports of charging too much are wrong. In cases where people use a lot of electricity in one month, they don’t get the lower price for the next six months.

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