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Possible One-Week Extension of Winter Break in Punjab Schools

Get the latest updates on possible extension of winter holidays in Punjab due to severe cold weather. Stay informed about potential changes in school reopening schedules and decisions by the School Education Department.

Possible One-Week Extension of Winter Break in Punjab Schools

The School Education Department might add one more week to the winter holidays because of the very cold weather. This news came out on Wednesday. Parents are asking for an extra week off due to the harsh weather and thick fog in the mornings. They think January will become even colder.

People are guessing that the province administration might change the school reopening schedule because of the cold weather. But the government of Punjab has not decided yet. If the cold weather keeps going, officials in the province might have to think again about when schools should open.

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Parents are telling officials to make the winter holidays one week longer. They say that some private schools in the province have already changed their schedules. The parents want the Christmas vacation to go on until January 7. The Education Department said that they will talk to the government before deciding whether to extend the holidays or not.

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