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Possible Increase in Laptop Scheme Quota for Students in Balochistan by ECNEC

“Explore the potential expansion of the laptop distribution program for Balochistan students as ECNEC considers raising the quota. Stay informed about the latest developments in educational initiatives.”

Possible Increase in Laptop Scheme Quota for Students in Balochistan by ECNEC

The National Economic Council (NEC) Executive Committee might agree to change the way they give laptops to students in Balochistan. Instead of giving 6 percent of laptops based on merit, they are thinking about giving 18 percent this way.

The Planning Commission reported to the NEC Executive Committee. The report included the rules for giving laptops based on merit and how much each laptop costs.

According to the rules, laptops will be given based on merit for all types of degree programs. The number of laptops for each program will be decided by how many students are enrolled.

To get a laptop, students need to have at least 70 percent marks for the semester system (which is a 2.88 CGPA) and 60 percent marks for annual system students. BS 1st Semester Students need to show their HSSC marks, and MS/Ph.D. 1st Semester Students need to show the numbers from their last degree program.

The top students in each department will get laptops based on their quota. This can be year-wise or semester-wise, depending on the program.

The Prime Minister Laptops Scheme started in 2013. In five years, 500,000 laptops were given to students in two phases. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan was responsible for making sure the scheme worked. The third phase of the scheme is ongoing, with 100,000 laptops planned to be given to top students in 2023.

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The ECNEC talked about this project on July 19, 2023, and said it could go ahead under certain conditions. After that, the sponsors made some changes to their plan and submitted it again.

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