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Possible Delay Anticipated for Intermediate Examinations

“Stay informed about the latest updates on Karachi’s educational scene. Discover the challenges students face with delayed exam results and organizational changes. Follow our coverage for insights into the impact on students awaiting crucial academic outcomes.”

Possible Delay Anticipated for Intermediate Examinations

The government in charge of Sindh doesn’t have much experience, and because of that, there are problems with announcing exam results for students in Karachi. This unplanned way of doing things is causing big delays and troubles for many students.

In Karachi, they haven’t released the results for class 9 in both science and general groups yet. Also, the results for class 11 are uncertain because frequent changes are happening on the board. This uncertainty is making around 200,000 students in classes 9 and 11 feel very stressed. There are worries that some exams might be postponed because of the upcoming general elections.

The exams for class 9 and 10 in Karachi happened in May 2023, and the exams for class 11 were in July. Surprisingly, they still haven’t shared the results for class 9, and the results for class 11 are not final yet.

Reports say that they have the results for class 9 ready, but there’s a problem finding enough people to sign the results. The government’s decision to remove invigilator exams is also making things harder. It’s been a month, and they still haven’t appointed someone to oversee the exams, causing a long delay in releasing the results.

Professor Sharaf Ali Shah, who is in charge of the Secondary Education Board in Karachi, knows about the issue but because of ongoing problems, the results are still not out.

About 100,000 students in Karachi are waiting anxiously for their class 9 results. They don’t know how they did in their exams after waiting for seven months. Not knowing if they passed or what they need to do for class 10 is making them very worried.

In the Inter Board Karachi, some changes are happening, but the results for all subjects in class 11 are getting delayed. They are still checking exam papers for different subjects, and it’s not clear when they’ll finish checking Commerce Regular subjects.

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The supplementary exams were supposed to start on January 15, 2024, but now there might be a problem because of the upcoming general elections on February 8. If the supplementary exams get delayed, it could affect students who are eagerly waiting for their class 11 results.

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