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Policy Change: Employment Opportunities Discontinued for Families of Deceased Government Employees

“Discover the latest policy changes by the Punjab government, bringing significant alterations to benefits for families of deceased government employees. Explore updated compensation structures and job assistance details in our comprehensive coverage.” Policy Change: Employment Opportunities Discontinued.


The Punjab government has implemented substantial changes to the benefits extended to the families of government employees in the unfortunate event of the employee’s death during service.

A recent notification from the Punjab Finance Department, issued on December 7, delineates specific adjustments in the compensation structure and job assistance. Notably, the revised provisions specify that in the event of a government employee’s demise during their service tenure, employment opportunities will no longer be extended to the widow or children.

In terms of financial assistance, significant increments have been introduced in the compensation amounts allocated to the families of deceased government employees across different pay scales. The updated compensation figures are as follows:

Families of these employees will now receive increased financial aid rates, effective from the year 2023. As per the updated notification, Rule 17-A Employment will be terminated, and the widow or a single child will no longer be eligible for employment.

Nevertheless, the department has augmented the lump sum payout amount by the new regulations. The revised financial assistance rates for families of deceased government employees in Punjab in 2023 are as follows:

  1. For employees in BPS-01 to BPS-04, the current basic pay scale has been elevated from 1.6 million to 5.0 million.
  2. The new rate for employees in BPS-05 to BPS-10 is now 7.5 million, compared to the previous rate of 1.9 million.
  3. In the case of BPS-11 to BPS-15, the existing rate of 2.2 million has been increased to 10 million.
  4. Employees falling under BPS-16 to BPS-17 will experience an increase from 2.5 million to 15 million in the updated pay scale.
  5. The basic pay scale for employees in BPS-18 to BPS-19 will see a rise from 3.4 million to 20 million.

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Under the new regulations, the son, daughter, or widow will no longer have the opportunity to work. In the past, widows, sons, or daughters were employed on a contractual or regular basis, often in positions such as Junior Clerk or Patwari.

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