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PMDC Awaits WFME Recognition for Easy Foreign Work Access for Pakistani Doctors

“Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) eagerly awaits recognition from WFME, potentially enabling Pakistani doctors to work abroad effortlessly. 

PMDC Awaits WFME Recognition for Easy Foreign Work Access for Pakistani Doctors

A group from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) recently visited Pakistan to check and evaluate the country’s medical education programs. They want to decide if these programs meet the standards to get recognition.

The President of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC), Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj, shared that if WFME recognizes the PM&DC and its Accreditation Programme, graduates from PM&DC-licensed colleges can train and work in the USA and other countries without any problems. He said the WFME will announce their decision later, following their process. The PM&DC has worked hard to meet the requirements for recognition, and once there’s a decision, it will be shared with the public.

Dr. Taj explained that WFME is a well-known global organization that focuses on improving the quality of medical education around the world. He emphasized the importance of concentrating on providing good care for patients by ensuring that medical professionals are well-trained and have the necessary skills to deliver high-quality healthcare services.

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He mentioned that PM&DC aims to have long-term relationships with global organizations like WFME to achieve its goals. WFME’s recognition is crucial because it ensures that accredited medical institutes uphold the highest standards of education and training in medicine.

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