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Plea for Punjab Matric Exam Delay to Chief Minister

“Explore a simplified version of the latest news as the All Pakistan Private Schools Association advocates for a one-month delay in matric exams due to concerns about smog and extended winter breaks. Stay informed in easy English, free from plagiarism.”

Plea for Punjab Matric Exam Delay to Chief Minister

The All Pakistan Private Schools Association (APPSA) has sent a letter to the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab and the Secretary of Higher Education, asking them to postpone the matriculation exam by one month.

In the letter, the APPSA Central President, Mian Shabir Ahmad Hashmi, talked about worries concerning smog and the extra winter holidays affecting students negatively. Hashmi emphasized that students have lost important study time due to the long winter break and requested the officials to delay the matric exams.

Mian Shabir Ahmad Hashmi informed Mohsin Naqvi and the Secretary of Higher Education that the extended winter break has caused an incomplete syllabus. To make up for this and give students enough time to revise, Hashmi proposed a one-month delay in the matric exams.

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He also suggested starting the matriculation exam on April 15th, mentioning extended holidays and upcoming elections as additional reasons supporting the need for this adjustment. The APPSA’s request covers all exams, including PAF, PEMA, and Matric, and urges officials to announce a one-month delay. It’s important to note that the matric exams are initially scheduled for March 1st across Punjab.

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