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Peshawar University Faces Possible Closure as Teachers Consider Boycott

“Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) considers class boycott due to unpaid salaries. Blaming financial issues on the former vice-chancellor, teachers demand immediate payment, threatening a sit-in if not met within 24 hours. Public universities in the province facing prolonged financial crises.”

Peshawar University Faces Possible Closure as Teachers Consider Boycott

Teachers at Peshawar University are upset because they haven’t been paid. They might stop teaching in protest. Some workers have already been on strike for a few months because of this problem. The teachers didn’t join the strike earlier because they didn’t want to affect the students. But now, they feel they have no choice but to do something.

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They say the former leader of the university, Dr. Muhammad Idrees, is responsible for the money troubles. The teachers want their salaries to be paid within the next 24 hours. If this doesn’t happen, they’re planning to sit outside the Governor’s House until their demands are met. Other public universities in the province have also been struggling with money issues for a while.

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