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Peshawar High Court Approves Transit Bail for Zartaj Gul of PTI

“Peshawar High Court grants transit bail to PTI leader Zartaj Gul, preventing potential arrest. Chief Justice vows to ensure justice and forms a committee to investigate alleged police misconduct towards lawyers. Stay informed with our concise news coverage.”

Peshawar High Court Approves Transit Bail for Zartaj Gul of PTI

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) said on Wednesday that Zartaj Gul from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party can’t be arrested for now. This is called transit bail. The Chief Justice, who is like the head judge, talked about making sure justice is fair. He even said he would quit if he couldn’t make things fair.

The Chief Justice wondered if Zartaj Gul would have to stay in the High Court all night if he didn’t help. The Chief Commissioner of Police (CCPO) and the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations were also there. The CCPO said Zartaj Gul is not wanted for any crime, and they don’t plan to arrest her.

The Chief Justice said he would hold a court even at 3 in the night if any of their lawyers were treated unfairly. Zartaj Gul, who asked for help, worried she might still get arrested even with the bail. The Chief Justice told her to tell the court and the Inspector General (IG) if that happens.

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Finally, the court gave bail to Zartaj Gul, saying she shouldn’t be arrested. She also had to give a bond of Rs1 lac by the next day at noon. The Chief Justice set up a committee to check if the police did something wrong to the lawyers. The committee will be led by his Personal Security Officer (PSO). The CCPO and SSP Operations have to go to the committee and take action against the police if they find proof that they did something wrong.

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