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PESCO Online Bill February 2024

Verify your PESCO bill online at, a complimentary website offering convenient access to your PESCO bill. Easily review your recent bill amount, and due date, and access the complete bill details. Download a copy of the bill or print your PESCO WAPDA bill for payment. Enter your 14-digit reference number below to check your PESCO electricity bill:

PESCO Online Bill 2024 – Download Duplicate Copy

The latest PESCO online bills, applicable for the due date up to February 12, 2024, are now accessible for download. Due to the diverse PESCO Circles, electricity bills from PESCO are issued on varying dates, leading to distinct due dates.

PESCO Online Bill 2024 – Download Duplicate Copy

You can effortlessly verify the payment status of your previous PESCO bill with just a few clicks. Visit the PESCO Bill History to access information on your bills for the past 12 months.

PESCO Online Bill Check 14-Digit

Now, you have multiple options to check your PESCO online bill and even make payments. New PESCO online bills with due dates up to September 25, 2024, are available for download. If you require a duplicate bill for September 2024 or are searching for an older bill from August 2024, you can explore the billing history by entering your reference number below to generate a PESCO duplicate bill.

Two Ways to View PESCO Online Bill

To grasp how PESCO bills function, it’s essential to understand what PESCO stands for—Peshawar Electricity Supply Company. PESCO electricity bills are issued on different dates due to various PESCO Circles, resulting in distinct due dates. You can check the bill amount and download the PESCO KPK bill in PDF or JPEG format for local backup or future reference.

Two ways to View PESCO Online Bill

PESCO Duplicate Bill September 2024

If you need to recreate a copy of your August PESCO bill, whether it was lost or not delivered by Wapda, you can generate a PESCO online bill for 2024.  As a PESCO customer, you’ll typically receive your due bills in hard copy form from bill distributors. We update the due dates based on specific PESCO Circles. To verify bill payment status, you can call the PESCO helpline, provide your reference number, and they will confirm the payment. Occasionally, you may miss your PESCO bill for various reasons.

Bannu Circle Khyber Circle
Mardan Circle Peshawar Circle
Swabi Circle Swat Circle

PESCO Online Bill 2024 – Check Duplicate Bill Online

This feature enables easy tracking of your electricity consumption and billing history. Additionally, if you use a banking app supporting bill payments, you can check your bill’s status there to confirm payment. To promptly check your Pesco bill online in Peshawar, visit our website. Therefore, to address such situations efficiently, we encourage you to read the entire article for a comprehensive understanding.

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