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Pemra Confirms: No Restriction on Airing Imran Khan’s Speeches

Lahore: ¬†Discover the latest ruling from the Lahore High Court instructing Pemra not to pressure TV channels regarding Imran Khan’s speeches. Pemra asserts there is no ban on airing the petitioner’s speech.

Pemra Confirms: No Restriction on Airing Imran Khan's Speeches

The Lahore High Court has told Pemra not to force TV channels to stop showing Imran Khan’s speeches. Pemra responded, saying there is no rule against airing Imran Khan’s speeches.

Pako News reported that the Lahore High Court finished listening to a petition about not showing the speech of former PTI chairman Imran Khan on TV channels. Justice Shams Mehmood Mirza conducted the hearing.

IHC Halts Imran Khan’s Cipher Case Trial Until January 11th

The High Court, addressing Imran Khan’s request, said Pemra should not pressure TV channels. Pemra stated in court that there is no ban on broadcasting the petitioner’s speech.

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