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PEC SBA Final Term Date Sheet 2024 Schedule

On March 1, 2024, the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) revealed the schedule for the 2024 School-Based Assessment (SBA) exams. This assessment is crucial for evaluating students’ progress in grades 1 to 8. The exams will begin on March 11, 2024.

PEC SBA Final Term Date Sheet Complete Schedule

You can download preparation papers from PEC to get ready for the SBA exams. The schedule outlines key dates for item bank uploads, paper generation, and the actual exams. The SBA will occur three times in 2024: in October, December, and March.

PEC SBA Schedule 2024 for Grades 1 To 8

Final Term Assessment Period  March 7, 2024, to March 20, 2024
Uploading Item Bank (Third Term)  Last week of February 2024
Paper Generation Deadline  February 28, 2024
Result/Report Cards Release Date  March 31, 2024

PEC SBA Schedule 2024 For Grades 1 To 8

Starting from March 4, 2024, PEC provided an item bank for schools, and papers were generated from March 4 to 11 for all districts. Grades 1 and 2 will have oral papers, while grades 3 to 8 will have both written and oral exams. The Holy Quran paper is mandatory for all grades.

for Final Term SBA 2024 is as follows. 04-03-2024 Uploading of Item Banks for Schools 04-March-2024.

PEC SBA Paper Generation:

From March 11 to 22, 2024, SBA exams for all grades will take place. Every school in Punjab, whether government or private, will use a unique login ID and password provided by PEC to generate papers. The date sheet applies to government schools in Punjab, Pakistan.

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SBA Final Term Date Sheet 2024

Teachers will use their school login credentials to generate SBA papers. Students can download PEC Model papers for all grades to understand the paper pattern for the 2024 annual examination.

SBA Grade 1 to Grade 8 Date Sheet 2024

The SBA is vital for assessing students’ learning progress throughout the academic year. It is a significant part of the education system in Punjab, Pakistan, and is conducted yearly. According to the new PEC policy, an examiner and head examiner will oversee the entire SBA process.

CPSP FCPS Part 1 Result 2024 Check Online

PEC SBA Final Term Date Sheet 2024

After the papers are successfully conducted, marking centers will be assigned at the school Markaz level. The schedule and date sheet for SBA 2024 have been released for all government schools in Punjab, providing a structured timeline for the assessment process. Teachers from different schools within the same school Markaz will be responsible for marking the papers.

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