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Pat Cummins Coolly Responds to Hafeez with a Smile

Get the latest scoop on the controversial dismissal of Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan in the second Test against Australia. Dive into the cricket drama, featuring comments from team director Mohammad Hafeez and Australia’s captain Pat Cummins. Discover the twists and turns of the match, including the disputed umpire decision and Cummins’ pivotal role, as Australia secures a 2-0 lead in the series.

Pat Cummins Coolly Responds to Hafeez with a Smile

The Pakistan cricket team is upset about the decision that led to Mohammad Rizwan, their wicket-keeper batter, being declared out in the second Test against Australia in Melbourne. The team director, Mohammad Hafeez, criticized the umpire’s decision and said that Pakistan played better than Australia.

Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, responded to¬†Hafeez’s comments with a smile and said, “They played well. I’m happy we won.” Cummins focused on the overall team victory, stating that the team’s success is what matters the most.

The controversy arose when Rizwan was declared out even though the on-field umpire initially said he wasn’t. After Cummins appealed, the third umpire reviewed the decision and saw a small signal on UltraEdge, suggesting Rizwan might have hit the ball. However, the Hotspot technology, which shows if the ball touched the bat, didn’t confirm any contact. Rizwan, who scored 35 runs, was visibly upset as he left the field. At that time, Pakistan was trying to score 98 runs to win.

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Pat Cummins played a crucial role as captain, taking 10 wickets in the second Test match and earning the Player of the Match award with 5-wicket hauls in both innings. The match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground ended with Australia winning by 79 runs, leading the series 2-0 against Pakistan with one match remaining.

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