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Pakistan’s Remarkable Medal Haul at 16th Special Olympic World Games

A remarkable group of Pakistani athletes has left a significant impact at the ongoing Special Olympic World Games, bringing home a collection of medals across various events. In the badminton competition held at Messe Berlin, Pakistani players triumphed by securing the gold medal against Uzbekistan with a score of 21-5 and 21-17 points, Malaysia with a score of 21-14 and 21-6, and the Kyrgyz Republic with a score of 21-12 and 21-13. Zainab, who originates from Lahore, has been diligently training for this event at Baghe Jinnah for the past two years, under the guidance of her dedicated coach, Maham Tariq. Pakistan’s Remarkable Medal Haul at 16th Special Olympic World Games.

Following Sunday’s closing ceremony, the athletes will return to India on June 27. Usman’s outstanding performance not only earned him one but two gold medals in the World Games, solidifying his position as a rising star in the cycling world. Faiza and Naheen expressed their happiness and pride in winning the gold for their country on this memorable occasion.

Her parents have been steadfastly supporting her in her sporting endeavors. Athletes from Haryana have accomplished an impressive feat, securing six gold medals, five silver medals, and four bronze medals thus far. Muhammad Safir Abad Rizvi showcased his skills and clinched the silver medal in the arduous 25 km race, completing it in an impressive time of 53 minutes and 34.85 seconds. “We are overjoyed that our hard work has paid off, allowing us to win a gold medal for our country,” they exclaimed.

City Contingent Achieves 9 Medals, Contributing to Haryana Athletes' Total of 15 Medals

Pakistan’s performance shines brightly at the 16th Special Olympic World Games, showcasing an impressive collection of medals.

She is overjoyed by her victory and attributes it to the hard work of her coach, Maham Tariq, as well as the support of her parents. Among these achievements, nine medals have been secured by athletes from Gurgaon. As of Friday, India’s medal tally stood at 55. Maria Manzoor, a promising weightlifter from Pakistan, also demonstrated her prowess in the bench press, winning a silver medal in the 69 kg weight class category of the event.

The coaches played a vital role in our success, and we are determined to maintain this streak of triumph in future events,” stated the duo. Pakistan’s Muhammad Safeer Abid Rizvi completed the 25 km race in 53 minutes and 34.85 seconds, earning himself the silver medal. Madhav Madan, a 15-year-old swimmer with hearing impairment and intellectual disability from the city, secured a gold medal in the 25-meter breaststroke swimming event, as well as a silver medal each in the 25-meter freestyle and 4×25-meter freestyle relay races.

Pakistan’s contingent stands out at the 16th Special Olympic World Games, garnering a remarkable number of medals and leaving a lasting impression on the global stage.

Moreover, Maria Manzoor also obtained a bronze medal in the combined weight division, further solidifying the country’s position among the top performers. Head coach Mutahir Sohail and coach Qamar Ali Mona, overseeing Faiza and Naheen’s journey from Lahore, revealed that both players have been preparing for the World Games for the past two years. Rachna, another swimmer from the city, secured a silver medal in the 4×25-meter freestyle relay competition. Pakistan’s Remarkable Medal Haul at 16th Special Olympic World Games.

They remained fully engaged in their training, actively participating in the training camps organized by Special Olympics Pakistan in Karachi and Islamabad. Cyclist Neel, hailing from Gurgaon, commenced the country’s medal tally in the sport by winning a gold medal in the 2-km time-trial race and a bronze medal in the 5-km road race. Meanwhile, the Badminton team encountered tough challenges from Bangladesh and Macau China, falling short and succumbing to defeat with scores of 21-18 and 21-15, respectively.

Usman Qamar and Zainab Raza, along with three others, claim gold medals in cycling at Special Olympics World Games.

Doubles event of Badminton, Pakistan’s Noshiwan Arif Raja and Talha Asif secured the silver medal after defeating Paraguay with a score of 21-18 and 21-12 and Macau with a score of 21-12 and 21-16. Team India participated in four rounds of golf over four days at the Arnold Palmer Course in Berlin and consistently dominated the leaderboard throughout. With a record-breaking 18-shot lead, they emerged as the champions, triumphing over 20 other teams.

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