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Pakistan’s Instagram Powerhouses: Top 10 Influential Divas of 2023

In 2023, these popular ladies in Pakistani showbiz amazed many people with their charm, talent, and personal stories. Let’s take a good look at the top 10 most influential divas, based on the number of followers on their Instagram accounts.

Pakistan's Instagram Powerhouses: Top 10 Influential Divas of 2023

  1. Yumna Zaidi & Sana Javed (8.4 million)

Yumna Zaidi had a great 2023 with the success of the drama Tere Bin. Sana Javed also got attention for her role in the drama Sukoon and made headlines about her marriage with Umair Jaswal.

  1. Kinza Hashmi (8.6 million)

Becoming well-known in Pakistan, Kinza is on the rise. She did beautiful bridal photoshoots and delivered excellent performances on screen. Kinza even starred in a music video for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song “Mere Ho Jao.”

  1. Minal Ahsan (10 million)

Part of the famous showbiz twins, Minal Ahsan is not only a successful actress but also a successful entrepreneur. Like her sister, Minal became a mother, giving birth to her son Muhammad Hasan this year.

  1. Sajal Aly (10.1 million)

One of the biggest names in showbiz, Sajal Aly continues to show why she’s the real deal. From a great performance in the drama Kuch Ankahi to making her Hollywood debut, Sajal continues to make Pakistan proud.

  1. Iqra Aziz Hussain (10.6 million)

Iqra Aziz Hussain is a well-known and successful actress. Despite taking a two-year break to take care of her son Kabir Hussain, Iqra made a strong comeback with her ongoing drama Mannat Murad in 2023.

  1. Mahira Khan (10.8 million)

A global icon, Mahira Khan effortlessly steals the spotlight. In 2023, she launched her fashion brand ‘M by Mahira’ and got married to Salim Karim in a dreamy ceremony. Mahira also made a successful return to the small screen with the mini-series Razia.

  1. Sarah Falak (11.2 million)

Sarah Khan, or Mrs. Falak, is everyone’s favorite showbiz diva. Despite taking a break to raise her daughter, Sarah’s Instagram is a delightful mix of fashion shoots and adorable family moments.

  1. Hania Aamir (11.4 million)

The lively and charming Hania Aamir has a global fan base. From heartwarming drama performances to enchanting photoshoots, Hania continues to dominate social media. Lately, she’s been trending for her friendship with Indian rapper Badshah, causing rumors of them “dating” to create a frenzy on social media.

  1. Aiman Muneeb (11.7 million)

Considered one of the most talented actresses in recent years, Aiman seems to have shifted focus from acting to her successful fashion brand AnM, co-founded with her sister Minal. She also spends time with her family, often vlogging with her husband Muneeb Butt, and daughter, Amal, on YouTube. Aiman recently gave birth to her second daughter, Miral Muneeb, in 2023.

  1. Ayeza Khan (13.4 million)

The trailblazer who first reached the 10 million mark, Ayeza Khan had an outstanding 2023, captivating her followers with family moments, stunning photoshoots, and excellent performances in dramas like Chand Tara, Mein, and Jaan-e-Jahan.

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