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Pakistani Rupee Ends US Dollar’s Single-Day Winning Streak

Discover the latest currency market updates as the Pakistani Rupee bounces back against the US Dollar. Get insights on exchange rates and stock market trends in easy-to-understand language. Stay informed with concise summaries of financial news.

Pakistani Rupee Ends US Dollar's Single-Day Winning Streak

The Pakistani Rupee did better against the US Dollar on Tuesday, ending its rise from the day before. In the interbank market, the Rupee went up by 35 paisas, making the exchange rate Rs283.55 for 1 US Dollar.

On Monday, the US Dollar had gained value against the Pakistani Rupee, with the exchange rate going up by 18 paisas to Rs284.05. By the end of the day, it had a slight increase of three paisas, closing at Rs283.9 in the interbank market. In the open market, however, the US Dollar dropped by 25 paisas and was traded at Rs284.50.

Last week, the Rupee had improved by 0.38% or Rs1.10 against the US Dollar, settling at Rs283.87 in the interbank market.

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Also, on Tuesday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange 100-index showed positive growth, reaching 66,350 with an increase of 300 points, a day after experiencing a decline.

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