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Pakistani Rail Worker Earns Order of the British Empire Award for Saving Lives

Discover the inspiring story of Rizwan Javed, a Pakistani-origin railway worker in the UK, who saved 29 lives and will be honored with the prestigious Order of the British Empire (MBE) award. Learn about his journey, Samaritans training, and his mission to break the silence around mental health.

Pakistani Rail Worker Earns Order of the British Empire Award for Saving Lives

A man named Rizwan Javed, who works on trains in the UK and originally comes from Pakistan, is going to get a special award called the Order of the British Empire (MBE). He’s getting this award because he saved the lives of 29 people.

Rizwan Javed, who is 33 years old, works at the MTR Elizabeth line at Ealing Broadway station. His job involves stopping people from hurting themselves, and he has been successful in helping 29 people in this way.

He shared that about ten years ago, he took a training course from an organization called Samaritans to learn how to identify people who might be in trouble and how to talk to them to keep them safe. Just a few days after finishing the training, he used what he learned to save someone’s life at a train station.

In 2019, Javed received an award from Samaritans called the Lifesaver Award for his skill in talking and listening to people to prevent them from harming themselves.

Talking about his experience, Javed said that it had a strong emotional impact on him. He also mentioned that in his Asian community, there is not much awareness about mental health, and people often don’t know how to deal with it. Javed believes in breaking the silence around mental health and helping people talk about their feelings.

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Recently, he found out he is going to receive the MBE award. He was asleep when he got the letter, and his very excited mother opened it for him. When she told him about the award, he had to read the letter several times to believe it.

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