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Pakistani Expatriates Gather in Spain for ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ Rally

Discover a heartwarming rally organized by the EU-PAK Friendship Federation in Spain, celebrating the support of Army Chief General Asim Munir. Joining hands, participants, including children and women, proudly waved the Pakistani flag and expressed their unity with the Armed Forces.

Pakistani Expatriates Gather in Spain for 'Pakistan Zindabad' Rally

The Chairman highlighted the positive role of General Asim Munir in strengthening Pakistan’s economy and emphasized the commitment of overseas Pakistanis to invest in and contribute to their beloved country’s strength.

The EU-PAK Friendship Federation recently hosted an exciting event in Spain to show support for Army Chief General Asim Munir. The Federation organized a rally called “Pakistan Zindabad,” where many kids, women, and young people joined in.

During the rally, people cheered for General Asim Munir and shouted “Zindabad” for him and “Pakistan Zindabad.” They proudly waved the Pakistani flag and displayed pictures of General Asim Munir.

The Chairman of the EU-PAK Friendship Federation, speaking at the event, mentioned that General Asim Munir has played a big part in making Pakistan’s economy stronger in the past year. He said that Pakistanis living abroad are united with their Army Chief and the country’s Armed Forces.

The Chairman also emphasized that no matter where they are in the world, they support the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The Armed Forces are like a frontline for them, and they will stand against anyone who tries to harm them.

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He pointed out that those who try to create a gap between the people and the army are enemies of Pakistan. Negative portrayals of the army are just wishes of India. The Chairman expressed that overseas Pakistanis want to invest in their home country and make it stronger.

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