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Pakistan Unveils Fresh Visa Initiative to Attract International Investors

Discover the latest development in Pakistan as Acting Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar introduces a new visa program for foreign investors, aiming to boost international collaboration and economic growth. Learn about the government’s efforts to simplify business processes, attract foreign capital, and strengthen global partnerships for a more business-friendly Pakistan.

Pakistan Unveils Fresh Visa Initiative to Attract International Investors

The person who is taking care of the government right now, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, made a big decision on Monday. He introduced a new program that allows people from other countries to invest in Pakistan. He talked about it at an event in Islamabad and said it’s important to change the rules for visas to work better with other countries.

Prime Minister Kakar said that Pakistan needs to be open to the world to do well globally. He visited the interior ministry and stressed how visas play a big role in building good business relationships with other countries. He also said that the ministry would suggest changes to the current visa rules.

During a previous press conference, Prime Minister Kakar promised that people interested in investing in Pakistan could easily apply for a visa with minimal paperwork. He explained that the goal of this new visa plan is to help people working for big and medium-sized companies.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan’s temporary government is actively working to make business easier and attract foreign money. They’ve set up a Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) to improve paperwork for different business activities, make processes easier, and create a friendly environment for businesses.

The temporary government is currently talking with countries in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, to increase cooperation on a global level. The aim is to raise Pakistan’s trade to an impressive $100 billion.

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With these intentional actions, the temporary government is pushing for economic growth, making Pakistan more attractive to investors, and showing that they are committed to policies that support businesses.

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