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Pakistan Implements National Space Activities Rules 2024 to Regulate Space Operations

Pakistan has taken a significant step towards regulating space activities with the implementation of the ‘National Space Activities Rules 2024’. These rules, notified by the government, apply to space operations conducted within Pakistan’s territory and even extend to activities carried out on ships, vessels, or other airborne vehicles registered in the country.

Pakistan Implements National Space Activities Rules 2024 to Regulate Space Operations

Under the purview of these regulations, every entity conducting space activities and providing space-based services within Pakistan must adhere to the guidelines set forth. Notably, the rules exclude terrestrial radio communication services and broadcasting services, as defined in relevant national legislation.

The key highlights of the ‘National Space Activities Rules 2024’ include the designation of SUPARCO (Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) as the National Space Agency. SUPARCO will act as the principal entity responsible for overseeing space-related matters in Pakistan, including entering into agreements with foreign satellite operators for the acquisition and distribution of satellite data.

Furthermore, the establishment of the Pakistan Space Activities Regulatory Board (PSARB) aims to ensure proper regulation and oversight of space activities. The PSARB, with representation from various governmental bodies and agencies, will be responsible for authorizing and monitoring space operations conducted within Pakistan’s jurisdiction.

One significant aspect covered by these rules is the regulation of the online sale of satellite imagery and data related to Pakistan’s territory by foreign agencies or service providers. PSARB will oversee such transactions to safeguard national interests and ensure compliance with regulations.

Moreover, any operators seeking to provide remote sensing satellite services in Pakistan must obtain authorization from PSARB, establish a presence in the country, and ensure equitable access for national satellites to the market.

The National Space Agency, in alignment with these rules, will undertake various functions, including research and development in space science, development of space policy guidelines, designing and launching satellites, and monitoring space objects for national security purposes.

PSARB, chaired by a nominee of the National Command Authority, will oversee the implementation of these rules and include representatives from relevant ministries, agencies, and co-opted members for consultation purposes.

Additionally, the rules strictly prohibit the ownership or operation of space objects or related infrastructure within Pakistan’s territory without authorization from PSARB, ensuring comprehensive oversight of space activities.

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With the implementation of the ‘National Space Activities Rules 2024’, Pakistan aims to bolster its capabilities in space technology while ensuring adherence to international norms and safeguarding national interests in the rapidly evolving space domain.

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