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Pakistan Energy Minister Slashes Electricity Tariffs by Rs. 3.82 Per Unit

Energy Minister Sardar Awais Khan Leghari has unveiled a substantial reduction of Rs. 3.82 per unit in electricity tariffs for April bills, offering relief to consumers grappling with escalating utility costs.

Pakistan Energy Minister Slashes Electricity Tariffs by Rs. 3.82 Per Unit

This noteworthy decrease is attributed to adjustments in fuel prices, which have plummeted to Rs. 4.92 per unit from Rs. 7.06 the previous month. Moreover, previous adjustments of Rs. 4.43 per unit have been revised down to Rs. 2.75 per unit, culminating in an overall reduction of Rs. 3.82 per unit.

Leghari underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to alleviating the burden on the public during periods of high inflation and exorbitant energy prices. He emphasized that such measures aim to ease the financial strain on households and promote economic stability.

In addition to announcing the tariff decrease, Leghari highlighted the pivotal role of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in determining reference tariffs for the year and subsequent adjustments. The minister stressed the importance of bridging the gap to mitigate further strain on the country’s deficit.

This announcement follows Leghari’s stern warning to all chairmen of distribution companies (DISCOs) and CEOs to eradicate power theft. He imposed a stringent deadline of 23rd April for all DISCOs to eradicate the issue, emphasizing the necessity for swift and decisive action against perpetrators to effectively combat this longstanding problem.

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The government’s proactive measures in reducing electricity tariffs and cracking down on power theft underscore its commitment to ensuring equitable access to affordable energy for all citizens.

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