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Pak-China Industrial Collaboration Set to Boost Exports

“Caretaker Minister Dr. Gohar Ijaz announces a significant agreement between Chinese and Pakistani industrialists, foreseeing increased exports and enhanced development for Pakistan’s textile industry. The collaboration highlights Pakistan’s commitment to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, strengthening the strategic partnership between the two nations.”

Pak-China Industrial Collaboration Set to Boost Exports

In Islamabad, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce and Industry, Dr. Gohar Ijaz, mentioned that a recent agreement between Chinese and Pakistani industrialists will boost exports. This agreement, formed during the “China Pakistan Textile and Apparel Executive Summit” in China, involves collaboration between the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Textile.

Dr. Gohar Ijaz, overseeing the summit, emphasized that this collaboration is a positive step for Pakistan’s textile industry, opening up new opportunities for development and increasing exports. He highlighted the importance of the agreement in showcasing Pakistan’s dedication to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), further solidifying the strategic economic partnership between the two countries.

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The Federal Minister stressed the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan, expressing confidence that cooperation in various fields will strengthen their mutual relations.

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