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PAF & Qatar Air Forces Launch Zilzal-II Exercise

“Explore the dynamic collaboration between Pakistan and Qatar in joint aerial exercise Zilzal-II. Witness the first-ever face-off between PAF’s advanced J-10C fighter and Qatar’s Eurofighter jets, enhancing interoperability and strengthening defense partnerships.”

PAF & Qatar Air Forces Launch Zilzal-II Exercise

The air forces of Pakistan and Qatar are working together in a joint exercise called Zilzal-II. This exercise is quite complicated and aims to make it easier for the two countries to work together. They want to be able to understand and support each other in the air.

In the exercise, they pretend to be in a real fight in the air. This helps them see how ready they are for a real situation. The goal is to improve how they plan and work together. This exercise is a big step in making the defense partnership between Pakistan and Qatar even stronger.

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In this exercise, Pakistan is using its new J-10C fighter aircraft, while Qatar is using Eurofighter jets. It’s the first time these two types of aircraft are facing off in a practice battle.

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