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Overnight Millionaire Emerges from Pakistan in the UAE

“Discover the incredible journey of Mohammed Inam, the newest UAE millionaire, who won Dh15 million in the Easy6 game at Emirates Draw. From a spontaneous number selection to realizing his dream of Hajj, explore Inam’s plans for a family car, investments, and charitable contributions in this captivating tale of unexpected fortune.”

Overnight Millionaire Emerges from Pakistan in the UAE

Mohammed Inam, who recently won the Easy6 game at the Emirates Draw, is now a millionaire in the UAE. He won the grand prize of Dh15 million. Inam is from Islamabad, Pakistan, but he was born and lives in the UAE. He works as a finance auditor in a private company in Abu Dhabi.

In 2021, Inam started buying raffle tickets after seeing an ad on social media. Even though he has been participating for a long time, he only recently won. Inam said, “Thank God, many of my dreams can now come true.”

In a surprising twist, Inam revealed that he randomly chose the winning numbers this time. He closed his eyes and picked the numbers 14 and 15 consecutively. At first, he thought the winning call was a prank, but later he realized it was true. He shared the news with his wife, marking the beginning of their financial prosperity.

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Inam plans to buy a family car with his winnings. He mentioned that all other investments and expenses will be on hold until after his family’s Hajj pilgrimage, which is his top priority and a significant spiritual journey. After Hajj, he intends to invest in the real estate market in the UAE. Additionally, he will contribute a portion of his prize money to charitable causes.

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