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Online Frenzy Erupts as Slap Scene in Pakistani Drama ‘Mannat Murad’ Ignites Heated Debate

“Explore the impact of a controversial slap scene in the Pakistani drama ‘Mannat Murad.’ The online debate delves into societal reflections on domestic violence, questioning the role of TV dramas in shaping attitudes. Discover diverse perspectives on this thought-provoking storyline and its influence on storytelling responsibilities in the digital age.”

Online Frenzy Erupts as Slap Scene in Pakistani Drama 'Mannat Murad' Ignites Heated Debate

Pakistani TV shows are well-known for dealing with important topics and showing how people relate to each other. But a recent part of the popular show “Mannat Murad” has caused a big argument online. People are split on whether it’s okay to show a scene where a wife slaps her husband in response to him hitting her.

In the latest episode of “Mannat Murad,” there’s a big discussion on social media about a scene where Mannat, played by Iqra Aziz, slaps Murad, played by Talha Chahour. This happens after Murad slaps Mannat for not saying sorry to his mom, making their already complicated relationship even more difficult. But Mannat doesn’t just cry and do nothing – she slaps Murad right back.

This slap scene is now at the center of a strong online argument. Some people think it shows what happens in relationships and encourages women to stand up against abuse. Others say it spreads harmful ideas and makes violence seem normal in relationships, which they think shouldn’t be part of modern stories.

Mannat Murad

Those who support the scene say that Pakistani shows, by talking about serious issues like domestic violence, give a chance for society to think and talk about these problems. They believe that showing the wife fighting back sends a good message, telling women it’s okay to resist abuse and challenge the idea that violence in relationships is okay.

But others disagree and think the scene makes violence seem okay in certain situations. They worry that scenes like this might make people not take domestic violence seriously and keep harmful behavior going.

Here are a few mixed reviews by the netizens below,


People online have different opinions, like these:

  • Some say it’s an important discussion to have.
  • Others think it’s not right to show violence like this.
  • The slap scene in “Mannat Murad” has started a big online argument, showing how stories on TV can affect what people think. As viewers think about domestic violence and how the wife reacts, the conversation is making people talk more about what TV shows should and shouldn’t show.

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This ongoing talk shows that stories should be careful about how they talk about serious issues. Instead of spreading bad ideas, they should help people understand and make positive changes.

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