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Omni Karting Circuit Ticket Price Today 2024

Omni Karting Circuit Ticket Prices as of Today in 2024 were announced during an event where the circuit emphasized its commitment to being the premier karting facility in Pakistan, surpassing even the most stringent international standards. The venue is purpose-built, catering specifically to motorsport enthusiasts.

Omni Karting Circuit Ticket Price Today 2024

Omni Karting Circuit Ticket Price Today

For those interested in joining, the membership fees are PKR 600,000 for corporate entities and PKR 400,000 for private individuals. Early registrants can avail of a discounted rate of PKR 100,000 off the regular price, applicable to the first 300 memberships. The Founder’s lifetime membership is valid for the initial 300, while subsequent memberships expire after five years. Memberships are transferable and sellable with associated costs, except for standard memberships, which cannot be sold or transferred.

Omni Karting Circuit Timing

Monday Closed
Tuesday 3 pm–2 am
Wednesday 3 pm–2 am
Thursday 3 pm–2 am
Friday 3:30 pm–2:30 am
Saturday 3 pm–2 am
Sunday 3 pm–2 am

Omni Karting Circuit Reviews

Omni Karting Circuit Ticket Price Pakistan

Upon acquiring this information, a comprehensive article detailing Omni Karting Circuit ticket prices can be provided. This will encompass the current rates for various categories (adults, children, groups, etc.), additional charges for rentals or special events, available discounts and promotions, and the booking options (online, phone, on-site). Additionally, contact details for the specific Omni Karting Circuit location will be included, along with information about the tracks, karts, facilities, and safety protocols to enhance the overall visitor experience.

Omni Karting Circuit Location and Timing

Regarding the location and timing of the Omni Karting Circuit, to offer precise details on ticket prices, it is crucial to know the specific city where the circuit is located.

Additionally, specifying the visit date and time is essential, as ticket prices may vary based on the day of the week and time of day. Providing this information will enable the provision of accurate and up-to-date details on Omni Karting Circuit ticket prices for the chosen location and time.

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