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OICCI Spearheads Private Sector Climate Initiatives at COP28

“Explore OICCI’s dedication to driving environmental change at COP28, as they join forces with the Ministry of Climate Change. Discover their commitment to sustainable practices, private sector leadership, and innovative solutions for a low-carbon future. Join the conversation on decarbonization, climate resilience, and multi-sector collaboration to support Pakistan’s climate goals.”

OICCI Spearheads Private Sector Climate Initiatives at COP28

The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) showed that they really care about helping the environment at COP28. They worked together with the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) to have an important talk. This talk was held in Expo City Dubai, in the special Blue Zone of the Pakistan pavilion.

The discussion was all about “Decarbonization and the Role of the Private Sector.” They talked about important things like getting private money to reduce carbon emissions to zero, checking if carbon markets are working well, and making strong partnerships between the government and businesses.

Experts from different areas were on the panel, including Dr. Karen Olsen from the United Nations, Dr. Charles Ehrhart from KPMG International, and others. They talked about the need for businesses to make their supply chains more environment-friendly. They also said that OICCI and other businesses are important for making groups of different businesses work together for the environment.

Amir Paracha, the President of OICCI, said that the private sector is crucial for helping Pakistan meet its goals for the environment. He said that OICCI is committed to making a real effort to support Pakistan’s climate goals.

OICCI also organized a climate conference on November 01 to talk about how important it is to invest in the environment. Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the Caretaker Finance Minister, said that about $340 billion is needed by 2030. Even though Pakistan doesn’t produce a lot of emissions compared to other countries, it is still one of the most at risk from climate change.

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Abdul Aleem, the CEO/Secretary General of OICCI, said that by working with the Ministry of Climate Change at COP28, OICCI is showing that they are serious about helping with things like climate-resilient infrastructure, green energy, and sustainable agriculture. He said that this commitment is important for Pakistan and will help make a difference in dealing with climate problems and supporting the communities that are affected.

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