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Official Denial: No Negotiations with TTP, Confirms Foreign Office

Discover the latest updates on Pakistan’s foreign relations, Army Chief’s visit to America, and the country’s immigration policy for Afghan residents. Stay informed on international affairs with our concise news coverage.

Official Denial: No Negotiations with TTP, Confirms Foreign Office

In Islamabad, the Foreign Office said that Pakistan is not having any discussions with the TTP, and there are no talks in any other country either. The spokesperson firmly denied this news. The Chief of Army Staff, General Syed Asim Munir, is visiting America for the first time, emphasizing the usual friendly relations between the two countries. During the visit, he will also meet officials from the US State Department.

Regarding the Afghan residents leaving the country, the Foreign Office spokesperson clarified Pakistan’s stance on the Chaman sit-in. Each country has its immigration laws, and Pakistan has implemented the “Single Document Policy” for Afghanistan since November 1. This means Afghan citizens must have a visa to enter Pakistan. The federal cabinet has approved this policy.

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The spokesperson also accused India of being involved in global espionage and terrorism, extending beyond Pakistan. They emphasized that there are no ongoing talks between Pakistan and the TTP, rejecting such reports strongly.

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