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No Pillion Riding Allowed in Karachi for New Year Festivities

“Discover the latest safety measures implemented by Major General Azhar Waqas and law enforcement in Karachi to ensure a secure New Year celebration. Learn about collaborative efforts, strict regulations, and how residents can actively contribute to maintaining a safe environment. Stay informed and engaged with the city’s security initiatives.”

No Pillion Riding Allowed in Karachi for New Year Festivities

Major General Azhar Waqas led a meeting to make sure everyone stayed safe during the New Year celebrations in Karachi. The meeting was at the main office of Pakistan Rangers Sindh.

They talked about the problems with safety in Karachi, especially violence on the streets, snatching things from people, and making sure everything is safe for the celebrations.

A spokesperson from Sindh Rangers talked about the good things that came out of the meeting. They want the Rangers and the police to work together more to stop people who cause trouble all the time.

They are checking the entry and exit points of the city more carefully. They want to make strict rules to stop people from showing off weapons and shooting into the air.

They also decided to stop people from riding together on motorcycles. If anyone breaks this rule, they will get in big trouble.

The Rangers, Police, and other groups will work together to make sure the New Year celebrations are safe. They will have more patrols and check people more at the checkpoints between provinces.

People who live in Karachi are asked to help by telling the Rangers right away if they see anything strange or if something doesn’t seem right. They can call the Rangers Helpline at 1101.

Important officials, like Additional IG Karachi Khadim Hussain Rand and other high-ranking officers, were at the meeting.

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At the same time, Additional Inspector General of Police Karachi Khadim Hussain Rind told the police to complain about people shooting into the air during the New Year celebrations. The charges could be serious, like attempted murder. He asked people to call the Police Helpline at 15 if they see anyone doing this.

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