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News about Winter Vacation in Punjab 2024

Lahore, there’s a message going around on social media. It seems to be from the Higher Education Department of Punjab. The message says that winter holidays for both private and public colleges in Punjab are extended until January 14.

News about Winter Vacation in Punjab 2024

According to this message, all colleges, whether public or private, will reopen on Monday, January 15, 2024. After that, they will go back to the usual schedule for all classes. This information comes from the Higher Education Department of Punjab.

notification about winter vacation in punjab 2024

School Holidays News in Pakistan

The winter holidays for all schools, both government and private, started on December 18, 2023. They were supposed to end on January 1, 2024, but it got extended for 10 more days.

School Holidays News Today In Pakistan 2024

It’s not usual for temperatures to be so cold in early January. Some rumors online are suggesting that the winter holidays might be extended in Lahore and other parts of Punjab.

school holidays news

School Holidays Notification Today

Apart from these rumors, parents are asking the government to think again about reopening schools because of the very cold weather in the region.

Punjab School Holidays Notification 2024

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