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News about Extension of Winter Vacation in Punjab

Discover the ongoing debate in Punjab over extending winter school holidays due to severe cold. Chief Minister Naqvi’s stance faces social media opposition. Stay tuned for official updates from the Punjab government. Is Winter Vacation Extended In Punjab till 15 January 2024 Notification.

News about Extension of Winter Vacation in Punjab

Punjab citizens demand additional winter holidays for schools

In Punjab, many people are using social media to ask for more winter holidays for schools because of the very cold weather. Winter Vacations Extended Till 15 January, The Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, said there are no plans to extend the holidays beyond January 9, 2024.

latest news about winter vacation in Punjab 2024

News about Winter Vacation In Punjab 2024 Pakistan, Despite people’s requests on social media, there is no official decision to change the school calendar. Latest News about Vacation In Punjab 2024 Pakistan. News Update about Winter Vacations in Punjab.

Punjab Demands Extension in Winter Holidays for Schools

Winter Vacation in Punjab 2024 Today News Pakistan

Some people worry about students’ health in the cold, but the government says any decision will be based on the Education Department’s advice. People on social media are still discussing this, waiting for updates from the government about more winter holidays for schools. Punjab School Holidays Notification.

Schools Resume in Islamabad after Winter Break, Decision Pending in Punjab

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