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New Rules for International Students in Canada 2024

To address the increasing demand for accommodation and social services, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, has announced a temporary 33% reduction in new international student grants for the current year compared to 2023. According to reports from The Globe and Mail, Minister Miller plans to impose a two-year cap on international students for provinces and territories in Canada, aiming to decrease the number of study permits by more than a third.

New Rules for International Students in Canada 2024

The cap is designed to ensure program integrity, prepare students for success, and maintain a reasonable level of temporary residence, considering the significant increase in international students over the past decade. The immigration minister stated, “The cap is expected to result in approximately 364,000 approved study permits, a decrease of 35 percent from 2023. In the spirit of fairness, we are also allocating the cap space by province, based on population.”

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It’s important to note that students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as those in primary and secondary education, are exempt from the cap. Minister Miller emphasized the urgency of providing tools for foreign students to succeed in Canada’s school system.

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The government also aims to crack down on private schools and fraudulent institutions that exploit overseas students by charging exorbitant tuition fees while providing little to no education.

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Additionally, there will be restrictions on the eligibility of foreign students for work permits. Minister Miller stressed that these measures are necessary to prevent individuals from obtaining jobs unrelated to their qualifications.

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In a broader perspective, Miller acknowledged the need to address issues with Canada’s study permit system, describing it as somewhat disrupted and expressing his commitment to fixing it.

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These proactive steps reflect the government’s dedication to establishing strong foundations for a sustainable environment for students and the country’s educational infrastructure, positioning Canada as a leading global education destination.

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2 Year Cap on International Students Means

These actions will undergo thorough review in the coming months to ensure the continued success of international students and the legitimacy of Canada’s educational programs.

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