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New Punjab School Timing 2024 Notification

“Stay updated on the latest school timing changes in Punjab and Sindh due to severe winter conditions. Learn about the adjusted schedules and precautions in place to keep students warm. Stay informed with our concise updates.”

New Punjab School Timing 2024 Notification

The temporary government in Punjab declared new school timings in the city because Punjab is very cold right now. The Chief Minister, Naqvi, changed the timings for all private and government schools because of the cold weather and thick fog in different parts of Punjab.

New School Timings in Lahore, Punjab Jan 2024

The Chief Minister said that starting from January 10, 2024, classes will begin at 9:30 am. This decision is due to the ongoing winter season, and the adjusted timings will be in effect from January 10 to January 22, 2024. Naqvi also advised students to wear jackets and warm clothes to stay comfortable in the cold.

New Punjab School Timing 2024 Notification

School’s Timings changed for winters

The change in school timings is not only happening in Punjab but also Sindh. The interim government of Sindh has adjusted the hours for both government and private schools for the entire month of January 2024. The School Education and Literacy Department issued a notification stating that schools under its control will start classes from 9:00 am. Additionally, schools in Karachi will start at 8:30 am.

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