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New Airport Charges Introduced by CAA for Domestic Flight Travelers

“Stay informed on the latest aviation updates! Discover the recent change in domestic flight regulations, as the Civil Aviation Authority introduces a new airport charge. Learn how this impacts passengers and contributes to enhancing airport facilities for a seamless travel experience. Stay in the know with our concise summaries!”

New Airport Charges Introduced by CAA for Domestic Flight Travelers

In recent news, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has made a new rule for people who fly within the country.

Starting from January 15, passengers on domestic flights will need to pay an extra one hundred rupees. This is because the aviation regulations have been changed.

Before this, similar charges were collected, but they were called security fees. Now, the airlines will collect these charges from passengers and give the money to the Civil Aviation Authority.

A spokesperson from the CAA confirmed the new rule and said that these charges are important for keeping airports in good shape and providing better services.

The money collected from these charges will be used to take care of and improve domestic airports. This way, passengers can have a smooth and safe travel experience.

To make things clear, the fees are now called “airport charges.” Passengers are encouraged to know about this change and work together with the airlines during ticketing and boarding.

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When asked about the new rule, the CAA spokesperson said, “This is part of our ongoing work to make the aviation infrastructure better in the country. The money we get will help make our airports more modern, improve security, and make things more comfortable for passengers.”

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