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NADRA Announces Updated Process and Fees for Child Registration Certificates (CRC) in Pakistan

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has recently introduced changes in the process and fees for obtaining Child Registration Certificates (CRC), commonly known as B-forms, for minors in Pakistan. This move aims to streamline and enhance the registration process, ensuring that every child’s fundamental right to a registration certificate is fulfilled.

NADRA Announces Updated Process and Fees for Child Registration Certificates (CRC) in Pakistan

Updated Process:

The CRC, essential for registering newborns with NADRA records, can now be acquired more efficiently thanks to NADRA’s automation efforts. Parents are required to register their children within three months of birth. The process involves visiting the nearest NADRA office with documented proof of childbirth from the union council. The parent must possess a National Identity Card (NIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). If both parents are available, one acts as the applicant, while the other verifies. In cases where only one parent is present, verification can be done by a Gazetted Officer or public representative. Additionally, the child’s presence is mandatory for identity card processing, including capturing their photograph and fingerprints for children aged 10 and above.

Updated Fees (Effective April 2024):

  • Regular Fee: Rs 50
  • Executive Fee: Rs 500

The executive service, available at a higher rate, offers expedited processing for those in need of urgent certification.

NADRA emphasizes the importance of timely registration, urging parents to take advantage of these streamlined processes to ensure their children are properly documented.

For more information and to begin the application process, individuals are encouraged to visit their nearest NADRA office.

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By implementing these updates, NADRA aims to facilitate easier access to essential documentation for all Pakistani minors, ensuring their rights are upheld from the very beginning of their lives.

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