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NA-76 Election Result 2024 Narowal 2, Cadidates List

In the NA-76 Narowal II constituency for the 2024 general election, there are 21 candidates from various political parties. The parties contesting include IND, PPPP, tlp, NP, JUIF, PMML, PML N, JI, IND-PTI, and Independent. Some of the candidates participating from NA-76 Narowal II are Ihtesham Khizar Virk, Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhary, Javaid Safdar Kahlon, and Riffat Javaid.

NA-76 Narowal II Election result 2024 Live

Candidates Votes Party
Ahsan Iqbal 4864 PML-N
Javaid Safdar khalon 2135 IND.
Sakhawat Masih PPP
Riffat Javaid IND
Rana Sufyan Mahmood IND
Chaudhry Tariq Mahmood Ashraf IND
Amjad Khan Kakar IND
Naeemullah Khan kakar IND
Muhammad Tayyab Mir IND
Syed Jehanzaib Bukhari TLP
Rizwan Ahmed Khan IND
Rashid mahmood Khan IND
Altaf Ahmed Khan JIP
Itesham Khizar Virk IND
Muhammad Nadeem Nisar IND
Muhammad Akbar Tabani JUIF
Rana Lal Badshah IND
Khizar Ilyas Virk IND
Badar Ahsan Chaudhry IND
Akbar Khan Sherwani IND
Muhammad Irfan ashraf MML
Faiza Rafique NP

NA-76 Election Results: Ahsan Iqbal vs Javed Safdar Kahlun

As the counting of votes at 14% of the polling stations in the constituency is completed, PML-N-backed Ahsan Iqbal is leading against PTI’s Javed Safdar Kahlon. For a comprehensive overview of the election results, including the total votes cast, online votes, candidates’ positions with party names, constituency details, and previous results from 2008, 2002, and 2013 for NA-76 Narowal II, stay tuned for further updates.

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NA 76 Election Result 2024 Narowal II

Additionally, you can find a detailed overview and predictions for the top political parties participating in the 2024 elections, such as PTI, PML N, MMA, PPPP, ANP, PSP, MQM Pakistan, and others.

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