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NA-75 Election Result 2024 Narowal 1, Cadidates List

In the upcoming 2024 general election for NA-75 Narowal I, 19 candidates are vying for representation in the National Assembly, including independent candidates Daniyal Aziz and Dr. Tahir Ali Javaid. The political parties contesting NA-75 Narowal I include TLP, PMML, IND-PTI, PPPP, PTI, jui, PML N, and Independent.

NA-75 Sialkot Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

Candidates Votes Party
Daniyal Aziz 27789 IND
Dr. Tahir Ali Javed 15609 IND.
Anwar ul Haq Chaudhry 10209 PML-N
Muhammad Talha Anees 412 IND
Mian Muhammad Usman Rasheed IND
Imtiaz Ahmed IND
Abu Hafas Muhammad Ghayas Ud Din IND
Tariq Javed Manzoor PPP
Rana Muhammad Younas IND
Hafiz Muhammad Akmal Sadiq IND
Akbar Khan Sherwani IND
Ghulam Ali Shakir toor MML
Muhammad Asim Bashir IND
Irfan Hameed IND
Syed Abrar Hussain PAT
Ahmad Shamas IND
Muhammad Ahsaan TLP
Muhammad Irfan Abid IND
Zahid Tauqir Azhar IND
Hafiz Muhammad Muzaffar JUIF

NA-75 Election Results: Daniyal Aziz vs Dr Tahir Ali Javed

The list of candidates participating from NA-75 Narowal I comprises Abu Hafas Muhammad Ghayas UD Din, Muhammad Irfan Abid, Muhammad Asim Bashir, Muhammad Talha Anees, Muhammad Ahsan, Ghulam Ali Shakar Toor, Irfan Hameed, Tahir Ali Javeed, Tariq Javed Manzoor, Syed Abrar Hussain, Zahid Tauqir Azhar, Rana Muhammad Younas, Daniyal Aziz, Hafiz Muhammad Muzaffar, Hafiz Muhammad Akmal Sadiq, Anwar Ul Haq Chaudhary, Akbar Khan Sherwani, Ahmad Shamas, and Mian Muhammad Usman Rasheed.

Ak Lasbela Report Today

NA 75 Election Result 2024 Narowal I

After counting 25% of the polling stations in the constituency, Daniyal Aziz has secured a substantial lead over his closest rival, Dr. Tahir Ali Javaid. For a detailed overview of the election results, including the total votes cast, online votes, candidates’ positions with party names, constituency details, and previous results from 2008, 2002, and 2013 for NA-75 Narowal I, stay tuned for further updates.

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