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NA-71 Election Result 2024 Sialkot 2, Cadidates List

The update for the NA-71 Sialkot 2 election results in 2024 is currently underway. A total of 18 candidates are taking part in this general election. Rehana Imtiaz Dar from IND-PTI is currently leading with 131,615 votes, securing the top position. Khawaja Muhammad Asif from PML-N is in the second position with 82,615 votes.

NA-71 Sialkot Election Result 2024 – (PTI) Rehana Imtiaz Dar VS (PML-N) Khawaja Asif

Position Candidates Party Votes
1 Rehana Imtiaz Dar IND-PTI 131,615
2 Khawaja Muhammad Asif PML-N 82,615

NA-71 Sialkot Election Result 2024

There is a notable development in the election, as Rehana Dar, supported by PTI and the mother of Usman Dar, has a significant lead over Khawaja Asif in the NA-71 constituency of Sialkot. These results are based on unofficial data from 353 polling stations. The official and finalized results are yet to be confirmed.

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