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NA-70 Election Result 2024 Sialkot 1, Cadidates List

In the NA-70 Sialkot I election held on February 8, 2024, there were 23 candidates from different political parties. The parties included PMLN, TLP, IPP, INDPTI, PMML, PPPP, and others. Some of the candidates were Chaudhry Armghan Subhani, Muhammad Asif Raza, and Firdous Ashiq.

NA 70 Election Results, Candidates Details

Candidates Votes Party
Hafiz Hamid Raza 44156 IND.
Armaghan Subhani 34160 PML-N
Firdous Ashiq 169 IPP
Syed Ishtiaq Ul Hassan Gilani PPP
Mian Naeem Javed IND
Muhammad Asif Raza IND
Muhammad Shahid TLP
Mubashir Maqsood Awan IND
Umar Javaid Ghuman IND
Tahir Sultan Chaudhry IND
Zahid Saleem Bajwa IND
Chaudhry Muhammad Boota IND
Malik Tahir Akhtar IND
Muhammad Yousaf IND
Muhammad Burhan IND
Usman Javed Guhmman IND
Hammad Naeem IND
Naeem Nazir Malik IND
Muhammad Shahbaz IND
Muhammad Azeem IND
Mohsin Khan BPP
Omer Shehzad Ghumman IND
Tariq Mehmood IND
Sohail Qaiser MML

NA-70 Election result 2024 Sialkot I

The unofficial results of the election are not yet confirmed or combined. In this election, various political parties like PTI, PML N, MMA, PPPP, ANP, PSP, MQM Pakistan, and others participated. A detailed overview and predictions about the top political parties in the 2024 election are also available.

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