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NA-66 Election Result 2024 Wazirabad, Cadidates List

In Pakistan, general elections are conducted every five years to choose the Members of the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly. The country is divided into various constituencies. In the Wazirabad constituency of the Gujranwala district, PTI-backed Ahmed Chatha is leading against PML-N’s Nisar Ahmed Cheema.

NA-66 Jhelum Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

Candidates Votes Party
Muhammad Ahmed Chattha 131412 IND.
Ejaz Ahmed Samma PPP
Muhammad Nasir Mehmood JIP
Fiaz Hussain Cheema IND
Omar Khalid Cheema IND
Rana Arshad Iqbal IND
Chaudry Khizzar Abbas IND
Ikhlaq Haider IND
Muntazir Mehdi MWM
Muhammad Fiaz Chattha IND
Ain Ahmed IND
Shahibzada Shahjahan IND
Chaudhary Adil Buksh Chattha IND
Ijaz Ahmed IND
Chaudhary Ijaz Ahmed Cheema IND
Ahmed Hassan Chatta IND
Mumtaz Ahmed Cheema IND
Muhammad Shabir Akram IND
Mubassar Hussain Cheema IND
Ansar Javed Tararr MML
Shahbaz Ahmed Cheema IND
Chaudhary Zafar Ullah Khan IND
Tasadduq Hussain Cheema IND
Asjad Hussain PAT
Malik Abdul Rehman Sadiq IND

NA-66 Election Results: Ahmed Chatha vs Nisar Cheema

Each constituency is represented by a single MNA in the National Assembly, and these MNAs are designated with specific names corresponding to their respective areas. Following the completion of the vote count at 26% of the polling stations in the constituency, Mr. Chatha is comfortably in the lead over former MNA Mr. Cheema. It is important to note that constituencies and MNAs can vary based on population and political changes.

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NA 66 Election Result 2024 Wazirabad

For instance, in NA-66 Wazirabad Constituency, the number of registered voters in the National Assembly Constituency NA-66 Wazirabad, including female and male registered voters from the previous General Election in 2018 and the registered votes in the District Wazirabad for the year 2024, are provided below:

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