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NA-51 Election Result 2024 Rawalpindi-cum-Murree, Cadidates List

The official results for the NA-51 Murree Rawalpindi constituency in the General Election of 2024 have been released. Election Pakistani has provided detailed information about the candidates, their party affiliations, and the votes they received in the general election 2024 for the M.N.A. seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan from NA-51 District Murree Rawalpindi.

All Candidate Votes Election 2024 of NA51 Murree Rawalpindi

Candidates Votes Party
Raja Osama Sarwar 24688 PML-N
Mehreen Anwar Raja 114 PPP
Muhammad Sufyan Abbasi JIP
Javed Akhter Abbasi TLP
Muhammad Daud Satti IND
Abida Bibi IND
Sohail Irfan Abbasi IND
Raja Khurram Zaman IND
Javid Iqbal Satti IND
Muhammad Qasim Satti IND
Muhammad Sajid Khan Abbasi IND
Tariq Mehmood Murtaza IND
Sardar Mohsin Akhter Abbasi IND
Raja Tanveer Ahmed IND
Asif Shafique Satti IND
Asmar Ahmed Abbasi IND
Yumna Ishfaq IND
Mehmood Shaukat IND
Muhammad Usman MML
Muhammad Zubair Abbasi JUIF
Umar Naveed Satti IND
Saif ur Rehman IND
Saqib Imtiaz IND
Naveed Iqbal TJP
Muhammad Nauman Abbasi IND

NA 51 Murree Rawalpindi General Election 2024 Result

In the general election of 2024, the elected Member of the National Assembly (MNA) from N.A-51 Murree Rawalpindi is from the PTI party. Each area in the National Assembly is represented by one MNA, and they are given specific names based on their region. These representatives can change based on population and political shifts.

Na-51 Election Result 2024

Total Population 853499
Registered Voters 681236
Men Voters 351287
Women Voters 329949

NA-51 Murree Rawalpindi Detail Election Result 2024

The consolidated results for NA-51 Murree Rawalpindi in the general election of 2024 include information about candidates from various parties such as PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, and PTI. The names of candidates include those from the Pakistan People’s Party, Jamaat Islami, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, and other parties, along with independent candidates.

NA 51 Murree Rawalpindi Election 2024 Result

The results provide details about the votes received by each candidate, including the winner from PTI, the runner-up, and all other participants in the election.

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