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NA-48 Election Result 2024 ICT 3, Cadidates List

The official results for the NA-48 Islamabad III constituency in the General Election of 2024 have been announced. Election Pakistani provides details about the names, party affiliations, and votes of all candidates running for the M.N.A. seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan from NA-48 ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory).

All Candidate Votes Election 2024 of NA48 Islamabad

Candidates Votes Party
Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz(Winner) 69699 IND
Syed Muhammad Ali Bokhari 59851 IND.
Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar 18572 IND
Azhar Mehmood 13200 TLP
Malik Abdul Aziz 8477 JIP
Chaudhary Asad Parvez PPP
Raja Muhammad Farooq IND
Khaqan Waheed Khawaja PAQP
Naghma Taskeen Khalid IND
Malik Ikhlaq Ahmed Awan IND
Usama IND
Mirza Asim Baig IND
Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen IND
Jahangir Ali khan IND
Zarar Ahmed IND
Shahid Iqbal PFP
Syed Zafar Ali Shah IND
Saeed Ahmad Awan JUIF
Waqas Ahmed PRP
Choudhary Asif Irshad IND
Malik Fakkhar Ali IND
Tazain Azka Hamid IND
Mazhar Abbas IND
Muhammad Humayon Nazir IND
Muhammad Rafiq PTE
Gul Zali Khan IND
Sheikh Anser Aziz IND
Muhammad Mustafain Kazmi IND
Syed Hassan Zafar IND
Muhammad Tazeem Khan IND
Rabia Iqbal IND
Nighat Fardoos MML
Chaudhary Ilyas Meharban IND
Muhammad Zameer Khan IND
Muhammad Hanif Mughal PTSB
Furrukh Bashir TTK
Shamim Aftab IND
Sohail Ahmed IND

NA 48 Islamabad General Election 2024 Result

In the general election of 2024, the elected Member of the National Assembly (MNA) from N.A-48 District Islamabad is from the PTI party. Each area in the National Assembly is represented by one MNA, and they are given specific names based on their region. These representatives can change based on population and political shifts.

Total Number of Registered Voters in the Constituency
Male Voters 116,285
Female Voters 102,510
Total Voters 218,795
Population 780,610

NA 48 Islamabad Election 2024 Result

The consolidated results for NA-48 Islamabad in the general election of 2024 include information about candidates from various parties like PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, and PTI. The names of candidates include those from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, and other parties, along with independent candidates.

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NA-48 Islamabad III Detail Election Result 2024

The results provide details about the votes received by each candidate, including the winner from PTI, the runner-up, and all other participants in the election.

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