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NA-4 Election Result 2024 Swat 3, Cadidates List

Here’s a simplified version of the election results for NA-4 Swat III in the General Election 2024: The official results for the NA-4 Swat III seat in the General Election 2024 have been released. The elected Member of the National Assembly (MNA) from this constituency, which includes Matta and Kabal Tehsil in District Swat, is from the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N).

NA-4 Election Results 2024 Details

Candidates Votes Party
Suhail Sultan IND.
Mehmood Khan PTIP
Muhammad Salim Khan ANP
Kamal Khan PPP
Rahim Ullah JUI
Muhammad Ishaq IND
Abdul Hadi Khan IND
Til Hayat Khan IND
Malik Zada PPNAP
Muhammad Musa Khel IND
Muhammad Raza Khan TLP
Abdul Nasir RJUI
Sayed Fazal Akbar IND
Muhammad Ali Shah IND
Muhammad Khan IND
Fazal Subhan JIP
Shaukat Ali IND
Jalat IND
Yasir Khan IND
Muhammad Naeem IND


NA 4 Swat General Election 2024 Result

The election featured candidates from various parties, including PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, QWP, ANP, and PTI. The candidates who contested in the NA-4 Swat constituency in the General Election 2024 were Tal Hayyat Khan, Jallat, Raheem Ullah, Sohail Sultan, Syed Fazal Akbar, Shaukat Ali, Abdul Nasur, Abdul Hadi Khan, Fazal Subhan, Kamal Khan, Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Raza Khan, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Muhammad Ali Shah, Muhammad Musa Khan, Muhammad Naeem, Mahmood Khan, Malik Zada, and Yasir Khan.

NA-3 Swat 2 Election Result 2024 – Party Candidates List

Total Population 936506
Registered Voters 529791
Men Voters 287377
Women Voters 242414

NA-4 Swat III Detail Election Result 2024

The detailed results include the number of votes each candidate received, indicating the winner, runner-up, and votes for all other candidates. For a comprehensive understanding of the election outcome, you can explore candidates’ details, party affiliations, historical results from 2002, 2008, 2013, and 2018, and other relevant information. This resource provides insights into election campaigns, voter turnout, pre-poll predictions, and live updates. Stay informed about the NA-4 Election Result 2024 for a deeper grasp of the electoral intricacies.

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