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NA-264 Election Result 2024 Quetta 3, Cadidates List

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific information on the election results of NA-264 Quetta III for the 2024 General Elections. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking official election commission websites, local news sources, or official government statements.

Check NA-264 Election Result 2024 Quetta 3

Party Candidates Votes
PPP Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani(Winner) 10678
BNP Mohammad Akhtar Mengal 9929
JUIF Abdul Rehman 8850
IND Zain ul Abideen Khan Khilji 6083
IND. Mir Kabir Ahmed 4092
IND Noor Gul Khan 3578
PNAP Jamal Khan 3565
PKMAP Haji Arz Muhammad Barech 2477
PML-N Mir Humayun Aziz Kurd 1698
IND Ghulam Farooq 621
BNP-A Abdul Wajid 563
TLP Mher Ullah 517
JUI-NP Akhtar Muhammad 426
JIP Feroz Khan 393
MQM-P Prince Ahmed Umer Ahmedzai 304
BAP Musa Khan 285
IND Shahzad Ahmed 240
IND Mir Tanveer Ahmed 215
IND Rameen Rustam 174
IND Abdul Ghaffar 132
IND Muhammad Ali Reki Baloch 126
JWP Noor Ahmed 118
ANP Shams Ur Rehman 101
IND Muhammad Qasim 76
PRP Amin Ullah 55
IND Haji Naseem Khan 55
JUS Zulfiqar Ali Khan 53
IND Mir Hazoor Bakhsh 52
MML Sardar Abdul Razzaq Satoryani 51
IND Abdullah 51
IND Ghulam Nabi Marri 49
IND Muhammad Hashim 46
IND Bangul Khan 31
IND Abdul Malik 21
RJUI Saif Ullah 19

NA 264 Quetta General Election 2024 Result

To obtain the detailed and complete election results, including the names of all candidates, their party affiliations, and the votes they received in the general election 2024 of NA-264 Quetta, please refer to the official sources responsible for releasing election results.

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NA-264 Quetta III Detail Election Result 2024

These sources often include the Election Commission of Pakistan or other relevant government institutions. Keep in mind that election results can change as they are updated and verified, so it’s essential to rely on the latest and most credible information available from official sources.

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