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NA-259 Election Result 2024 Kech-cum-Gwadar, Cadidates List

The unofficial results for NA-259 Kech Gwadar in the 2024 general election show that independent candidate Yakub Banjo emerged victorious with 15,648 votes, defeating Docker Abdul Malik from the National Party, who received 10,253 votes.

Check NA-259 Election Result 2024 Kech-cum-Gwadar

Party Candidates Votes
PPP Malik Shah(Winner) 40778
NP Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch 22298
HDTB Hussain Baloch 21350
IND Yaqoob Bizenjo 20613
BNP Syed Ehsan Shah 5493
IND Fida Ahmed 576
BNP-A Saeed Ahmed 572
IND Qasim 422
IND Ayaz Qadir 401
JUIF Khalid Waleed 253
BAP Kauda Babar 214
IND Barkat Ali 167
IND Naveed Jan Baloch 148
IND Raheem Imam Bakhsh 144
IND Salman 65
IND Khalil baloch 59
IND Syed Taimoor Shah 53
IND Hafeez Ullah 35
MJAH-P Saeed Ahmed 18
IND Abdul Ghafoor Hoth

NA-259 Election Result 2024 Live Updates

In the ongoing update for NA-259 Kech-Cum-Gwadar, where 20 candidates participated, Malik Shah of PPPP secured the top position with 40,778 votes. Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch of NP secured the second position, and Hussain Baloch HDTB secured the third position.

NA-259 Election Result 2024 Kech-Cum-Gwadar

It’s essential to note that these results are unofficial. Abdul Malik, an independent candidate, secured the second position with 10,253 votes. Top parties contesting from NA-259 include Pak Milli Awami Ittehad Pashtoonkhwa, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Mutahida Deeni Muhaaz, Pakistan Muslim League (Zia), Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (F), and other popular political parties.

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Election Result NA-259 – 2024

Additionally, Abdul Malik won the 259 National Assembly seats from Gawad, and he, being an independent candidate, has also provided this unofficial result. Please note that unofficial results may be subject to change once the official results are declared.

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